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War Rules
1. The only time kills are counted is when the killer has joined the guild before the death and the killed has joined his guild before his death.
2. This does not modify or tweak any characters that is affiliated, anyone who is part of the statistics will gain frags upon killing an ally or enemy like regular players.
3. It will only count participants who are in one of the guilds and exclude anyone else from the statistics.
4. You can view the top fragger, the leader, scoreboard, and the 10 latest kills of the selected guild.
5. We don't want the statistics to be filled with empty guild wars, therefore we have restricted invitations until further notice, if you wish to be part of the statistics, feel free to open a case on the Private Support Board.
6. You may not leave, kick or exclude any players that are in a statistical war guild.

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Empty Guild vs Empty Guild

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