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Welcome, wanderer, to a medieval fantasy online game full of exciting adventures, mighty magic, and great battles. On your journey, you will meet players from all over the world. For more information about this multi user dungeon with a graphical user interface have a look at our screenshots and the game manual. To start playing sign up for a free account. Have fun!

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20. July 2020 - Digger and Market!
ear players,

Some refactoring of the Market NPC will take place tomorrow after server save, you will be able to see detailed information of available items.

We also addressed an issue with the NPC in Venore that was not selling backpack of mana fluids properly.

OriginalTibia Team.
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18. July 2020 - Ships and travel!
ear players,

Due to seeing a lot of request of reforming traveling, we decided to make it more welcoming for new players as well as dedicated players.

We decided that all boats will be able to be used by non golden accounters to non-premium areas, and since Thais is a city where a lot of services can be exchanged from, we also decided to make the trip to Thais possible from every city including reducing it's price heavily.

Remember that you may say !freegolden to retrieve your golden account ingame

All changes will take place on 2020-07-19.

OriginalTibia Team.
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14. July 2020 - Bootcamp!
ear players,

Tomorrow after server save, a few changes will apply, one of them is the spell 'exeta con' (enchanted spears) conjurable without the need of spears, it will be applied to the boot camp list of conjurable things as well as adding light as an alternative for lower level paladins who wish to train their magic level.

OriginalTibia Team.
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13. July 2020 - Communicative update
ear players,

After server save there will be multiple fixes addressed and one of them is that promoted characters will be able to select conjurable items at boot camp.

OriginalTibia Team.
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