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Welcome, wanderer, to a medieval fantasy online game full of exciting adventures, mighty magic, and great battles. On your journey, you will meet players from all over the world. For more information about this multi user dungeon with a graphical user interface have a look at our screenshots and the game manual. To start playing sign up for a free account. Have fun!

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22. February 2019 - Eremo is the King of the town!
ear Originals,

Eremo has gone on a plaundering spree - he made Pydar, Kawill, Edala, Humphrey, Norf give away their services to him solely and he is now making it public that he will be offering all these services as one. In other words, blessings will be sold by Eremo (all blessings at once).

Worth mentioning is that when you kill a person during PvP-enforced, you will gain exactly as you gain now in experience if the player is not blessed, but once he is blessed, you will still gain experience from him, but of course a little less so it won't be abused.

The anti abusive push system will also be introduced as mentioned in the previous news.

All these changes will be made public at tomorrows server save. Which is at 7 AM, countdown to server save is available at your left.

OriginalTibia Team.
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21. February 2019 - Abusive pushes
ear players,

Due to recent abuse that people use characters to interfere in wars with pushing and not being punished for it, we decided to implement a new system for it.

The system works like this:
Fribben has skull
Claeron push Fribben without Fribben attacking Claeron
Claeron now get Yellow Skull ONLY if Claeron is under level 80.

But if Fribben attacks Claeron, then Claeron will not receive a skull if he push.

This change will take place on Saturday 23rd of February's serversave. So in 2 days.

You can now also download full explored map to your client, remember that it is from a newer version of Tibia so there are parts of the explored map that don't exist on OriginalTibia - to download it click here.

OriginalTibia Team.
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20. February 2019 - Angus called for backup!
ear Originals,

Angus asked for assistance in the frag cleaning service and called Oswald in Thais to help out offering his services.

From tomorrows server save you will be able to trade in your boost points for frag clearer, XP boost and other services that is offered at Oswald in Thais (North East of Thais Temple).

OriginalTibia Team.
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18. February 2019 - Extra Party Boost
ear Originals,

After server save people who are in a party with shared experience will receive 20% bonus experience to encourage team hunting.

We are also planning on reviewing how we can encourage that even more, if you have an idea about it, let us know!

OriginalTibia Team.
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