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Server Information
DatacenterFrankfurt, Germany (Europe)
Available proxiesBeauharnois, Canada (North America)
World configuration:Full 8.0 Realmap Server
Worldtype:PvP-Enforced with Skulls (unjust system)
Game Engine:Running on latest engine as seen on the videos
Expshare:To activate it, simply say /expshare, remember that everyone has to be without PZ/Monster-lock sign
Blessings:All blessings are disabled due to PvP-Enforced (HardCore PvP).
RS/BAN:For redskull it is (3 frags) and for ban it is (5 frags). To clear frags click here.
Buy house:To buy a house simply stand infront of its door and say /buyhouse. You have to be at least level 50 to purchase a house.
BP Runes/Manas in shop:Keywords: bp mana, bp sd, bp uh, bp gfb, bp mw
Golden Account
        • You now get 10% more experience.
        • You gain 5% in PvP-E instead of 3%
        • You are able to trade with Rashid.
        • To get the Golden Account press here
        • Experience stage
        • From Level 1 to Level 8
        • 2525x
        • From Level 9+
        • 1010x
          Game Configuration
          Loot rate:3x or with loot boost 4x
          Magic rate:4x
          Skill rate:8x
          Client Patches
        • Auto updater built in
        • CAM player
        • CAM Recorder
        • Custom or regular client
        • Boost Points System
                • You don't have to interact with any NPC or so to gain the BP, simply kill monsters and you will automatically gain boost points.
                • You will gain boost points on most monsters that are at least semi hard and up, lower level monsters won't be included.
                • When you reach a specific amount of BP you can trade it for the following:
                  • 1. Frag Cleaner (removes all your unjust frags)
                  • 2. Deathloss Reduction (-1%) (duration: 3 hours)
                  • 3. 10% more experience (duration: 3 hours)
                  • 4. 4x lootrate (duration: 3 hours) instead of 3x.
                • To trade in your BP for any service such as frag cleaner etc, simply visit Angus in Port Hope. (Click to see minimap)
                • PvP-Enforced (HardCore PVP) Rules
                  • You and the target has to be of minimum level 50 for the rules to be activated. Everyone above level 50 will be able to gain EXP from targets higher or below themselves in levels.
                  • Gameplay
                                • Authentic gameplay
                                • Sick Wars
                                • 100% push system
                                • 100% aim system
                                • 100% angle system
                                • 100% paralyze system
                                • Improved walk system
                                • Amazing atmosphere which replicates golden days!
                                • #
                                                • EQ reduction
                                                • PZ on boats (but no pz on carpets)
                                                • Boosted tombs (oasis, ancients and tarpit tomb)
                                                • Travel to Okolnir from Folda, with PZ!
                                                • Travel to Liberty Bay from Carpet NPCs with PZ!
                                                • Travel to Femor Hills from LB (NPC: Captain Max) with PZ!
                                                • Goroma is not PZ-locked, you travel there with PZ
                                                • UE/GFB division (5% reduction dmg/player, max:50%)
                                                • Yellow Skull System
                                                      • If you attack a skulled (red, white, yellow) player who has not attacked you, you will gain a yellow skull
                                                      • Yellow skulls are visible for everyone, including players who are non skulled or just logged on
                                                      • You will not become yellow skulled if a skulled player attacked you first
                                                      • The system is implemented to balance the skullsystem

                                                      • Copyright by OriginalTibia.com. All rights reserved.