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Welcome, wanderer, to a medieval fantasy online game full of exciting adventures, mighty magic, and great battles. On your journey, you will meet players from all over the world. For more information about this multi user dungeon with a graphical user interface have a look at our screenshots and the game manual. To start playing sign up for a free account. Have fun!

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4. June 2020 - Visual enhancement
ear players,

After tomorrows server save a visual enhancement for yielding experience will be applied.

OriginalTibia Team.
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24. May 2020 - Monster AI
ear players,

We examined some of the monster behavior and decided to retweak some of it's behavior.

Some enhancements to monster AI has been made and all changes will be applied after server save (2020-05-25).

OriginalTibia Team.
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23. May 2020 - Event and golden!
ear players,

We invite you to the main event Sunday at 18.00 (Swedish/Polish time) UTC+2 located at Twisted Island.

Be aware and don't go alone

We also added bonus 48 hours golden account to everyones account.

OriginalTibia Team.
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20. May 2020 - Stacked runes & Market
ear players,

Since Market system was announced, it was a huge hit, we decided to tweak it further by introducing durable items such as soft boots, rings and also amulets with charges

We also introduced stackable runes to make the gameplay more convenient.

You can find the new client at the download page, note that older clients will work but you will only be able to drag 1x rune at a time, as opposite to choosing the amount, you can replace the Tibia.dat if you use another client to connect with.

Hope you enjoy your stay,
OriginalTibia Team.
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