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Future Update Suggestions

Ohh Original Tibia. How you have captured the Love of so many people with your Classic Tibia Server.

As you play this server, It will take you back to a time when you were a kid, getting in that last level before you are off on your way to school.

However something feels off... What could it be?

As I played and pondered this thought, I came to the realization that this game is as realistic as it could get.. yet it is missing something.


Now I am not talking your massive events where you teleport to an arena for zombies to attack you.

No that would be silly for such a beautiful game.

So the next question would be "What events are you talking about Frost?"

Well let me explain,

In Tibia we have events that happen each day. Rather they be our beloved Raids through the towns of monsters, The Double XP Days, and who could forget our beloved holiday events such as Santa and The Halloween Hare.

I feel if we implemented an event system we could continue to entertain people as they level.

Below I have listed a Link to the Tibia Event Calendar.

14. May, 22:06:25
Edited by Frost
on 14. May, 22:08:13
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add events
to the game
double exp day
14. May, 23:06:01 Post# 2122
Ortens Flam

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O yea this will give the ot some life making players more attracted to stay and keep playing instead of leaving to other shitty ots
15. May, 02:10:26 Post# 2123
Ortens Flam

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Good idea frost!
15. May, 02:10:50 Post# 2124

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