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World Boards | General | Suggestion - Mages and Stamina
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Suggestion - Mages and Stamina


I appreciate the buffs that are continuing to come to the classes that are under-performing, but for mages specifically and to eliminate a lot of the negative chatter around mages as a whole, I'm suggesting a change to mana fluids for druids and sorcerers that includes an efficiency buff (% increase) - example below.

If a mana fluid gives 100 mana, then a 25% increase should occur for mages, giving them a total of 125 mana per mana fluid. (This is just an example).


The stamina change needs to be tweaked or removed entirely. Either implement reduced exp at higher levels (3x until level 200, then 2x exp until XXX level, then go 1x) OR have stamina regen faster on a 1:1 ratio (1 minute not hunting = 1 minute of hunting regenerated). Waiting 24 hours to refill stamina isn't appealing. Also, can you reduce the stamina message spam? Every monster that is killed following 12 hours of stamina results in the same message, over and over again - it becomes annoying.


There seems to be changes that take place that end up not being published on the main website and usually just a message in-game that gets lost in the default channel. For example, all the changes to trainers, stamina, etc. These changes should be posted and the server info section should be updated with significant changes that occur, plus it's beneficial for new players scouting website wanting to know more about your server/game.

thank you
14. May, 02:58:46 Post# 2116

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I agree entirely with you Mayoman.

Changes to the Stamina system need made for sure.
14. May, 21:35:20 Post# 2118

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