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Harami Kharkos

Inhabitant of Tibia
Vocation: Elder Druid
Level: 64

Posts: 1

I have to address a huge issue with druids.

Today I tested druids Ultimate damage spell "poison storm" - "exevo gran mas pox" and I did a grand total of 0 damage on the enemy. Like seriously?!?
Yes it does deal damage(24) over time but the enemy can cure it with one single spell.

Secondly druids main ability is healing and the exura sio is healing way to little.

Right now it's no point playing druids because they're so underpowered and weak. Both in terms of damage and healing. Total failure.

I would like you to change my voc to sorcerer effective immediately or fix these issues.
10. May, 17:23:50
Edited by Harami Kharkos
on 10. May, 17:27:21
Post# 2081
King Lutfy

Inhabitant of Tibia
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Level: 20

Posts: 1
wow! that's sad bro
10. May, 20:10:55 Post# 2086

Inhabitant of Tibia
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Level: 57

Posts: 4
Thats exactly how druid UE spell worked in 8.0, Druid was more of a support class, you're biggest pvp advantage is your paralyze rune.

On to my next point - Sorcer's UE hit less than SDs and we are still waiting for GM to fix this, so honestly your best bet is to continue as a druid
12. May, 22:28:16 Post# 2109

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