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Harami Faysha

Inhabitant of Tibia
Vocation: Elite Knight
Level: 72

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Balance of Tibia

lets discuss the strength and the weaknesses of the 4 diffrent vocations and what role they play in the game.

sorcerer plays the role of high dmg with spells like UE and wave spells and they have the abiliy to make the strongest rune(sudden death rune) theyr weaknesses are low cap and health, they are squishy and easly killed if they get in range of the enemy.

druids is the same as sorcerer but is not provided with stong wave spells and UE spell, but in return they resive ability to heal allies and making healing runes and paralyze runes that provides crowd control. they have the same weaknesses as sorcerer

Knights play the role of a tank, being able to tank monsters and dealing reasonable amount of dmg with weapon and higher dmg with spells in close range ,they also have alot of cap making them more durable in hunts. theyr weaknesses are not beaing able to deal dmg from all range(only close range).

Paladins are provided with consistent damage in a long range they can easly kite enemys without wasting too much healing runes. theyr weaknesses is that they have to carry alot of ammunitions and they lack high burst damage(not being able to deal a high amount of damage at once).


every vocation should be uniqe and satefying, and players should pick theyr vocation based on theyr play style, because of imbalance alot of players choose to play the strongest vocation. knights have shown to be the strongest vocation and dealing very consistant high damage, theyr basic attacks deal as high as the stronges rune(sudden death rune) making the mages look like a joke.

mages lack mana regen, they gain 2 mana every 2 seconds with promotion, meaking them rely too much on manas. with low cap carrying runes and tons of manas puts the mages in a very bad position making them the most expensive vocation to lvl up. sorcerer and druids should be able to use theyr spesial abilities like waves and sio spells without thinking if its worth wasting mana on it, because the spells are what defines the vocations.

redusing the cost of wave spells and exura sio spell and increasing the mana regen with 3x would make the hunting for mages more satefying and helping them increase in magic lvl while hunting. right now the only thing mana is good for is mana shield no one uses spells to kill monsters meking it hard for mages to increase in magic lvl.

the only issue with paladins is that they dont hit as often. they have a very high chance of missing with ammunitions. the damage consistency should be the same as knights.

knights basic attacks should be nerfed by 10-15% they hit very hard and often. basic attacks are not meant to have a high burst damage, redusing the damage would make it more fair for the other vocations.
25. Apr, 17:32:20 Post# 1995

Inhabitant of Tibia
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Level: 45

Posts: 2
Well said! Knights have to be nerfed abit and Mages REALLY need higher mana reg!
26. Apr, 12:39:58 Post# 2001

Inhabitant of Tibia
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Level: 40

Posts: 2
Indeed, knights are too strong .. and the mana regeneration is too low for mages!
26. Apr, 12:42:30 Post# 2002

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