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Dark Legion

Inhabitant of Tibia
Vocation: Druid
Level: 18

Posts: 2
ML Rate

Is there any chance of increasing ML Rate?

Highest Pally/Ek skills are all 40-50+

Highest ML is 13~ with second on 10?

Especially now that Soul makes runes, how will mages train their ML
12. Apr, 23:22:21 Post# 1762
Harami Faysha

Inhabitant of Tibia
Vocation: Elite Knight
Level: 72

Posts: 17
Yeah mages are a bit weaker, and thats why you see so many playing knights, the game should be balanced and give the mages a bit more attention, like mana regen and mlvl rate, its much cheaper to lvl up knights because they dont rely on mana and they hit pretty hard with basic attacks, but mages need to have good magic lvl and alot of gold before they can start lvling, and thats not how it should be.
it's just too sad that the admin never replies and watches the forum to talk about the issues.
it is fixes that could be done over night.
21. Apr, 12:03:29 Post# 1855
Seba Adidas

Inhabitant of Tibia
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Level: 82

Leader of Nike Puma (Kappa Reebok)

Posts: 18
I think it was ok before but they lowered soul regeneration !!!
21. Apr, 22:48:55 Post# 1874

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